Best kind of Saturday morning

It’s raining outside, the air feels sort of raw. The trees are in burning colors outside the window and inside I’m having a cozy morning with cinnamon pancakes, Swedish apples, coffee and morning tv.

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Basil Mayonnaise

One of our absolute favorites is Basil Mayonnaise.
It works well with everything from beef to cray fish. 

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Apple Cake

This has really been a good year for apples. Everyone witness of apple trees full of apples, so full that people don’t know what to do with them. I have several colleagues who have given away apples at work because they can’t take care of it all.

Today I decided to make an apple cake free from grains, dairy and legumes of course.


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Scones for Lunch

Scones are lovely. You can have them traditionally with cheese and marmalade or with any topping you like.
This Saturday we had scones for lunch with a simple homemade raspberry jam.

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Paleo Crackers

I love cheese and cracker nights. Preferably with some wine as well. =o)
As I cannot eat the traditional crackers bought from the store, I had s=to find an alternative.

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Children and Paleo

Many have asked me if their children can eat Paleo and if they really get all the nutrition they need if they do.
They’re also worried that the children won’t get enough calcium if they don’t eat dairy. 

So, can children eat Paleo? 


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Women and Exercise

Most of us just find an exercise we like and do it several times a week no matter what. Sometimes we feel tired and unmotivated but we keep on going. After all, exercise is healthy right?

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Cold Smoked Salmon and Basil Mayonnaise

The other day I made a three-course dinner for my partner. Just to make something special and show my appreciation of him.

The main course was pork tenderloin, one of our favorites, and then I thought that Salmon would make a great starter. It was delicious!

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Dreamy Ham Pie

My mom used to make something she called Marianne’s Dreamy Ham when I was a kid.
This is a delicious gratin made with smoked ham, pickled red capsicum and mushrooms, and then topped with whipped cream mixed with ketchup, black pepper nd grated cheese. Oh, my, this really is heaven in a gratin. =o)

Since I stay away from most dairy nowadays, I wanted to make this dish more paleo, and I must say I succeeded.

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Greek Lamb Stew

We decided to add more lamb to our menu. It’s not a meat we’ve eaten while growing up and certainly not something we’ve experimented with as we got older. Until now that is.

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