The Amazing Testosterone

The primary anabolic and sex hormone in humans is testosterone.
A hormone talked a lot about in the weight lifting arena, and a hormone that more and more men have low levels of. Interestingly enough, women feel the effect of testosterone more than men do.
We’ll take a closer look at this very important hormone.

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Blueberry and coconut porridge

I really do love porridge!
It’s comforting on colder, rainy days. It’s great as both breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Today I made a new kind of porridge and it was delicious!
Recipe below.

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Paleo Pancakes/Waffles

I love pancakes every once in a while. Served with different berries and/or bacon and perhaps some whipped coconut cream or even savory toppings.
It’s a delicious brunch, lunch, dinner, or dessert.
This recipe is also very good for waffles. 

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Are White Potaoes Paleo?

When I started eating Paleo, potatoes weren’t a part of it. It was almost considered as bad as bread. This always had me a bit confused, but I stuck to it and thought that the starches in white potatoes was the thing to look out for as well as the glycoalkaloids it contains, a sort of chemical seen in all nightshades.

As we find out more about our hunter and gatherer relatives, how they lived, what they ate and how they prepared their food, we also have to tweak the Paleo diet. Nothing is consistent.
Not long ago, more and more people within the Paleo community started to write about the white potato not being banned on the Paleo diet anymore. I thought we’d take a closer look at why this little beloved tuber.


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25 % OFF all Coaching Sessions

Today we enter the last month of Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere and a lot of people go back to work tomorrow.
If you’re anything like me, you’ve eaten way too much food during your vacation. Haha!
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Gathering Energy

When I feel like my life is happening too fast, like a roller coaster, leaving me stressed and worn-out, I need to visit the woods. 

I grew up with the woods as my neighbor as a kid. I always played there, summer come winter. Today I live in an apartment in the city, but I do have some woods not too far away. It’s heaven for my soul.

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What is Paleo?

Sometimes it’s difficult to know what Paleo is when you hear conflicting things from different places. Some eat potatoes, some don’t, some eat rice, some don’t, some eat legumes, some don’t…. 

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Minimalistic Footwear

I found a post on my facebook page from 2010. I had posted a link to Vivobarefoot’s page about FiveFingers. I had written something along the lines “what the heck is this? This is ridiculous!” Or perhaps a bit more gentle, but the meaning of what I wrote was “WTF!”

6 years later I own a pair of vivobarefoot and Luna sandals, and I am looking at purchasing a pair of fivefingers and Lems Shoes. My partner has 2 Vivobarefoot, one all-year-around shoe and one water resistant shoe, and he has 2 pair of fivefingers. Imagine that!


These are very comfortable and highly recommended

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