After 30 Days Paleo

Paleo30dagar (lighter version of whole30) has come to an end.

So why did I decide to join these 30 days of delicious, clean food and excersice program?
Well, even though I’ve eaten paleo inspired (and sometimes lchf) for about 3 years now, I still have a lot of overweight and I keep falling down the ”sugar pit”, so I thought this would be great for me, to get back on track and kick the cravings to the curb!!
How did it actually go in the end?
Well, ups and downs of course during the 30 days, but I kept to the plan and didn’t ”cheat”!
I feel more energetic, and my body thanks me for the nutrition.
However, I haven’t lost a single gram, my eczema is still very much present, I’m constantly tired and I still get pangs of craving.
I do believe that my results are what they are because of my lifestyle.
I don’t get enough sleep, I stress constantly…and some other personal stuff play a role in this as well.
So…all in all I am proud of myself, I feel good, and I’m ready to just keep going on this lifestyle. Why not!
I’ve been doing this for a long time, and 30 days…well 30 days are nothing! I just need to keep on track. 😊
Under Vårt tak who started the paleo30dagar on 1st Feb, have been fab! A great support along the way.
And in April they’re starting a new paleo30dagar with more focus towards the whole paleo lifestyle.
I will definitely join them! Maybe you will too?
Thanks to everyone who’s joined this ”challenge” and made it through. A HUGE pat on the back for you who made it through. You’re great!
I hope you keep on track and jump on the next one as well.💕


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