Sleep Routine

I am trying to minimize stress in my life and to get more quality sleep.

After lots of ”evaluation” of my life, I’ve come to the conclusion that I have had chronic stress since….well since childhood really. Everything from stress around food, school, my music, being thin, being a good friend, sister, daughter, girlfriend, being great at work….I stress about everything. 
On the 12th of April, I’ll join Under Vårt Tak on another Paleo30Dagar (milder version of whole30), and this time, they’re also concentrating on lifestyle. On sleep, de-stressing, excersicing… 
I thought I’d get started with the lifestyle change now. Instead of waiting. 
So I’m embarking on a new Sleep Routine:
– About 1.5hrs before sleep, I’ll drink GoldenMilk (recipe will come later), or a cup of caffeine free tea.
– Then I’ll do oilpulling and follow my own ”teeth health routine”.
– After cleaning my teeth, I’ll read. A good novel, a more ”information book” or a magazine, by which time all electronic devices will be turned off as well. 
I start this on Sunday, 29th March, as I’m going back to visit my brother and my parents this weekend. 
I’ll give an evaluation on my sleep routine in a few weeks 😊
Have a great weekend everyone!💕


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