Cleaning Your Teeth

How do you clean your teeth? 

Do you use toothpaste with flour? Do you floss and use mouth wash?
I recently listened to PaleoHacks podcast about taking care of your teeth.
A very interesting podcast and also an article which Clark Danger shared on his website with the same name.
In the podcast, Samantha Gladish recommends toothpaste from her own website (, and I thought I’d buy that toothpaste. But holy moly…. It’s way too expensive for me (especially as I also need it shipped to Sweden), so I decided to make my own toothpaste! 

I’ve used the recipe from paleoleap as the base for my toothpaste.
I also do oilpulling every day before brushing my teeth.
Here’s my mouth health routine:
In the evening:
– oilpulling 20 min (take 1 tsp coconutoil in your mouth. Swirl it around your mouth, suck it through your teeth, swirl it around your tongue. Then spit out in the toilet, not the basin)
– floss
– brush teeth
– rinse with saltwater (fill a jar with warm water and drop in a chunk of Himalayan sea salt. Let it dissolve. Done! You can add in a few drops of antibacterial essential oils, such as, clove, cinnamon, thyme or peppermint. – See more at:
In the morning:
– Scrape tongue
– floss
– brush teeth
– rinse with saltwater
I haven’t done this long enough to give you a good evaluation, so that’ll come at a later stage. 
I’ve had cavities all my life, since early childhood. Hopefully this routine will help me get rid of cavities, gingivitis and bad breath. 
Some ppl say that one should do the oilpulling in the morning, but I find time to be sparse in the morning, so I do it in the evening instead. 😀
Also…some people get a bit shocked when I decide to move to a fluor-free toothpaste. They say I need the fluor.
Well…when I was a kid, the dentist gave me Fluor tablets, as I always had cavities. I took them, and started to feel very sick. Nauseous and headache. So I stopped.
Many years later, I moved to NZ. After a couple of years I found out that they have fluoride in the water over there. I didn’t think much about it until I went to a lecture (in the same country) about Fluor. I realized that many of my symptoms might have come from the Fluor in the water. Nausea, constant headaches, joint ache… Lots of it, I’m sure, was also due to my diet, full of grains and sugar. 
However, a few years later, I moved back to Sweden. And being paleo (I started my paleo journey in NZ) and drinking Fluor free water…I felt so much better!!
Also…how long have we had Fluor in our toothpaste and in the water? And what did we do before? 
In the book ”The Paleo Manifesto”, John Durant writes about looking at bones and teeth from a stoneage person and a person from when grains became popular. Who do you think had the better teeth and bones? 
That’s right, the stoneage person.
So…my personal conclusion is that as I eat a grain, sugar and mostly dairy free diet, I’m halfway there. I don’t think I need the Fluor in order to get healthy and strong teeth. 
As I mentioned above…I’ve recently started my new mouth health routine. So I’ll have to get back to you with an evaluation. 😊


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