30 Days Paleo – day 18

Sometimes, I just need to stop everything I am doing and concentrate on sleep. That’s what I’ve done today.

I slept for about 8.5 hours and woke up still tired. But unfortunately I do not have the luxury to sleep longer…work calling, hehe.
I feel very tired still and will have to go to bed early tonight.
I haven’t been to the gym for a week or so. I’ve concentrated on relaxing and sleeping. And of course, on Sunday I went on that trip in the nature, which was very energising. 🙂

I’m trying to not stress about not having been at the gym, or done enough excersice. I have to listen to my body and right now it needs rest.

Started the day with a plate of goodies. And now…work. 

 Have a good day!

Paleo + Dairy = ??

Most of you must know that paleo is not considered paleo. Yet, there are many discussion out there about dairy and why should it really be a non-paleo staple? 

It’s fatty, got protein and shouldn’t it be good for bone and teeth health? 
Why is dairy not paleo?
To understand why dairy isn’t paleo, one has to look at how dairy affects our bodies and brains.
What IS dairy? 
Dairy is what we all start our lives drinking. Breast milk. It’s nutritious, gives you energy and also contain growth hormone so that we grow strong and healthy. 
There you have it… It contains growth hormones. Why? So that infants can grow up to twice or three times their size in a short time. 
Dairy is perfect in the beginning of our lives. But what about later? Do we then need those growth hormones?  

Short answer; no.
Say that you ween off your mother’s milk, and then start getting dairy from a cow. Milk which tells the calves to grow, just like our mother’s milk told our body and brain to grow…. We get biological messages from another species. Messages telling our bodies to grow… Of course we need nutritious food and grow strong even after we stop getting breast milk, but we don’t need to triple our size in a few months, and we can get protein, fat and carbohydrates from other sources than dairy.  


Dairy can aggravate irritable bowel syndrome, get your skin to break out in acne, eczema or other skin conditions, but also asthma (linked to eczema), insulin resistance, constipation and type 1 diabetes.
I recommend you watching this video from Dr. Mark Hyman.
Also, get the book It Starts With Food, by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig, where they have a chapter on dairy and why it’s not included in their Whole30 program, a strict version of paleo. Also, listen to The Paleo View podcast, episode 11, where they talk about dairy.
Another great article is from the Paleohacks where they discuss dairy and paleo.
I also recommend you stop eating dairy for a minimum of 30 days. The re-introduce it and see how you feel. 
I know not everyone’s lactose intolerant or get any other conditions from dairy….But things happen in our bodies without us seeing it. Can you say that the excess growth hormones you’re consuming, won’t have an affect on your health in 10, 20, or 30 years from now? 


I need to stay as dairy free as possible. I do have it from time to time even though I know I feel better without. 
I tend to overeat if I have dairy with my food. I also start to crave sweet stuff after a meal containing dairy. 
If I eat to much of it, I get rashes/eczema, mainly in my face but also on my arms.
We’re all different, we react to certain foods different…but the food item itself still contain the same stuff whither you react to it or not…

Sleep Troubles

Do you wake up before the alarm clock? Or is it the sound of the alarm which wakes you every morning?

Do you need coffee or other caffeine drinks in the morning to ”function”?
Do you have energy slumps in the afternoon and do you crave sweet or fatty food in afternoon/evening?
If you’ve answered yes to these questions, it could be that you’re not getting enough sleep. 


When I was in my teens, I could just sleep and sleep and sleep in the weekends, except if I had a concert or orchestra practice. I played the trumpet in maybe 4-5 different bands and was super busy with this from 4th grade until one year after High School. 
I’ve never prioritized sleep. It’s been one of those things one has to do.
I LOVE sleeping though…but since I’ve always had so much on my plate, it’s been one of the last things I thought of. To sleep.
It’s been more important to get that walk, watch that series or movie, hang with friends, talk on the phone, practice the trumpet…  


This has cause me to stress more, feel worse and gain more weight.
Except for my years in northern Norway when I exercised every day, had a physical job, felt relaxed, slept well….and lost weight despite eating grains, sugar and dairy.
Anyway…not getting enough sleep has a tremendous effect on us. 
If we don’t sleep enough and then exercise, it takes longer for our bodies to get back from that exercise than if you get enough sleep beforehand. 
However, if you exercise, you get better sleep from it.
Have a listen to The Paleo View podcast and their show about sleep and how it affects us. Very interesting! 😊
What are things you can do to get to sleep in the evening and also to sleep better?
Well, your diet is actually very important. Too much starchy, sugary food get your hormones out of whack. Combined with sitting in front of the TV, computer, smart phone or tablet, where you get the blue light in your eyes which makes your body think it’s daytime and it starts to create more cortisol…a hormone which is mostly elevated in the morning…to wake you up!! Nutrition and blue light combined might make you feel very tired but also wired. Hence, you can’t sleep.
Turning off your screens an hour or so before bedtime (you can also use specific software or apps on your devices to show a more orange light instead, or use glasses which makes the light around you more orange) will help your body understand that it’s nighttime and time to wind down.
I must say, this is harder living in the northern hemisphere. Especially if you live where you have midnight sun for a few months every year. 
Then try the specific glasses instead I’d say. That’s what I’ll try this year.
Check out this short video about the blue light from all your screens.
Also, get yourself an evening routine. Maybe turn off tv, computer, phone, tablet…drink a cup of herbal tea (caffein free), do some oilpulling after the tea and read a good book or have a nice chat with a friend or your partner. Then go to bed and just try to sleep. It will be hard at first, but you’ll get better and better at it. Find a routine which suits you and your lifestyle.
Good luck! 

Get More Energy

🎵”oh what a beautiful moooorning, oh whaaaaat a beautifuuul daaaay….”🎶

Woke up around 8am after about 8 hrs of sleep. I wanted to sleep some more but the cat kept making noises and wanted us to open the door to the balcony, so I got up.

I saw that the sun was shining so I decided to skip the gym and take a walk/bike ride in the nature. Best decision ever!!😍 

 I walked up the local ”mountain” called Billingen, with my bike. At the top I enjoyed the view for a bit and then on on a 10 k bike ride around the lake up at the top. I stopped now and then to enjoy the view, relax and breath in fresh air. 

   I love days off work when I get to go out in nature and revitalize. I need that sometimes. Living in an apartment doesn’t give enough of nature walking unfortunately.  

   Work again tomorrow, but at least I’ve had a day of just relaxing and enjoying myself. Well….the day isn’t over yet😜

I’m on day 16 of paleo30dagar and so far so good 😊 

 Hope you’re having a brilliant day! 

30 Days Paleo – Day 14

This never happens to me…
I woke up around 7am, after falling asleep around midnight.
I heard the cat throwing up so I rushed out of bed to clean it up. Once out of bed, I started cleaning the whole house. I made a fresh batch of smokey bbq sauce, made paleo energy bars and prepared tonight’s dinner (pulled beef).

    I had time to watch an episode of ”good wife” and finish a rapport for the course I’m doing online.
And then work…

I mean… DAT energy!! wow, it’s amazing 😃

Now I’m tired though and have a headache, but I think it might be work having a negative effect on me at the moment.
We have all been let go, and I feel as though I am wasting time sitting here at work when I know that I am unemployed in a month’s time…. But anyway… Can’t do anything about that so I better just smile and be happy that I feel better in body and soul after 14 dys on 30 day paleo

Have a lovely day ya’ll!💕

30 Days Paleo – Day 11

I am so tired today… Granted, I fell asleep late and up early for work, but I feel drained. Mentally, physically… Just drained.
And hungry! Mama Mia, I am hungry all day long, every day.

I know this is one of the ”side effects”, but I am tired of being tired… Could be a ”chronic exhaustion” as well since I’ve been stressing basically my whole life, and am known to not sleep that much…😴

Other than that, I woke up with no head ache for the first time since I started paleo30dagar. Victory!💃
Sun is shining and it’s really hot outside. or so they say… I’m stuck inside since I have to work.

After work today, we’ll have a nice mince sauce with eggs for dinner. It’s like a shashouka but with mince in it as well. Mmmmm…..😋😋

And I have a bone both simmering away int he kitchen, leaving a delicious smell in the whole apartment. All in all and ok day.💕 

    (This is how many days I have left until I’m unemployed….)  

30 Day Paleo – Snacks

Its not always easy to know what to eat between meals.
Both Paleo30dagar och whole30 wants you to eat regularly, 3 meals a day, plus som snacks if your exercising.

I’m generally a bit against this. Mostly because it’s taking me a long time to listen to my body’s signals and eat when I am hungry, until I am full.
However, I also understand the meaning behind it. Letting our body get the nutrients it needs and not be in starve mode. Especially if we’re in the beginning of our journey, or our bodies are in an imbalance.

I can tell you that I don’t have a snack every day. I might have it if I’ve worked out more that day, or are starting to crave sweet things. Cause if I have a bad craving, I know that my body is missing something. The trick is to figure out what…

So…what do I have as a snack, if I feel the need for more energy?

Nuts (natural) – about 50-100 ml (about a handfull-ish)
Avocado – 1 whole. I like to have cracked pepper on it and sometimes a really nice olive oil. It’s nice, fatty and filling
Cherry tomatoes – maybe 5-6
Banana – half or a whole one. They are shock full of energy, so half a banana is usually suffice
Ham – 3-5 slices. I have found a great ham at my local grocery store, with no additives (except salt) and no sugar
Boiled Eggs – 1 or 2
Egg Muffins – 1-2. These little buggers are so delicious, both hot or cold. Yummy!
Berries – 100-200 ml. Any kind will do

I’m enjoying day 10 of my 30 day Paleo. So far so good. Sun is shining, we’re having 15 degrees (celsius) and…yeah, spring is here!!

30 Days Paleo – Week 2

Week one went really fast. I feel I did well, except not enough sleep on some of the days.

During the weekend I visited family and friends in Gothenburg. We had a bbq on Saturday and with that some salad and pestomayo, but also a sweet potato gratin. I had to try it (although didn’t HVAE to…I wanted to..hehe😜), and it was absolutely delicious! Unfortunately, it did contain dairy… But I ate it anyway. A little bit at least.  


   The day after I had the headache from HELL! It was no fun at all. I felt tired all day and just not in optimal health. I am not sure it was the dairy, but I know I will keep away from dairy from now on anyway.

I must say that this time, paleo30dagar has been a bit harder than last time. I feel unmotivated to stay away from sweets and savoury goods. I feel like eating pizza everyday and I am actually having a hard time finding the tie to sleep.
Sounds weird, I know… But I am currently working 100%, studying and trying to find a job (from May 30, I am without a job) at the same time as I am helping my parents find a new home. There is so much going on around me. I know that sleep and rest would help my stressful situation, but as I said…finding the time is a bit hard at the moment.

Anyway…I am pushing on and will manage this for the full 30 days and then some. I am not planning on eating lots of sugar, dairy and grains after these 30 days. This is for life as I’ve said before, and I know that I feel better when I eat this way.

Have a great week everyone!



Omelette Rolls

Eggs are so versatile!

Today I didn’t know what to have for lunch, so I just whipped something up. It ended up being a delicious omelette roll. 😋


2 eggs and spices of your choice

Whip the eggs a bit, then pour in to a warm pan and fry on medium heat. Flip over and fry a bit on the other side as well.

Filling ingredients:

1 pack of bacon

1 large mushroom
A little finely chopped red onion
2 sundried tomato pieces 
Lemon juice
1 tbsp pine nuts 
Fresh basil
Salt and pepper
Fry the bacon a bit first, then add the onion and mushrooms.
At the end, at the rest of the ingredients.
Put the filling at the middle of the omelette, and roll the omelette. Cut in half.
Serve with a nice guacamole and a salad 💚


Day 3 – headache

I’m only on day 3 of Paleo30dagar, but already my body is screaming from all the shit leaving it. 

I feel tired, yet energetic, and I’ve got a headache for the second day in a row.

But so far so good!! The food is delicious, I feel smaller Eve though I know I can’t possibly have lost any significant amount of weight. And I feel that this IS the way for me to live 😊

I’ve been getting 7-8 hrs of pretty good sleep each night as well. Yesterday I got up at 6.30, went to the gym and had time for a nice breakfast and reading on the balcony in the sun, before work. Loooovely…!

Today it’s cold in the balcony, but I love sitting here in a blanket, with my cuppa. 😊☕️

I just have to keep on going!! 👊 

Paleo porridge with raspberries and coconut cream.  


A lovely, fresh bacon salad 😋


Preparing guacamole for dinner. Had taco mince, guacamole and spinach👌


Today’s breakfast, just yummy😋