Chicken Nuggets

Recipe comes from Anna Aobadia’s cookbook ”Matkärlek”.
There’s Parmesan in the crumb for the chicken. Omit that and you’ve got yourself a paleo chicken nugget. 😊
I made slight changes to the recipe though to suit us more.
For 2 ppl: 
300-400g chicken
2 eggs
2 tsp basil pesto
50 ml pofibre 
50 ml Parmesan 
paprika powder
black pepper
Mix egg and pesto in one bowl or plate, and the dry ingredients in another.
Dip the chicken pieces in the egg and pesto mix and then in the dry ingredients.
Fry in coconut oil until golden.
Place chicken in a dish in the oven (150 degrees C) to keep warm while you fry everything.
Make homemade mayonnaise and add garlic and cayenne pepper to it for a nice aioli.


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