Homemade Chocolate

Maybe make some homemade chocolate this easter? 😊

200 g cocoa butter
300 ml cocoa
4-5 tbsp coconutfat
3 tbsp honey
I put everything in a pot and let melt on medium heat. Make sure it’s all combined properly.
I then divided the chocolate in to 4 bowls and added different flavor:
🍊 Orange and almond (Orange zest and juice and choppe almonds)
💚 Mint (peppermint essential oils and fresh mint leafs)
❤️ Chili (just added chili flakes)
♡  Liquorice (liquorice powder and salt, as I like salty liquorice😀)
I poured the chocolate in to molds and in to the freezer. Tomorrow we’ll find out if it tastes good! 
It’s very dark chocolate, just the way I like it 😊




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