Easter Smorgasbord

Another easter has passed… Sure, it’s Easter Day today, but here in Sweden, we usually gather on Saturday for dinner and Easter Witches ask neighbors for candy (I know….😏) and some have Easter Egg hunts…   

Today is about chillaxing with a brunch on the balcony and I’m gonna go for a loner walk later in the sun. 😊

I thought I’d share with you what dishes I served on the Easter Smorgasbord yesterday. Our friends also made some dishes, like meatballs, taco flavored pasties and some salsas.

Beloved are recipes for the farragoes (cold sauces, very popular in Scandinavia), bacon, mushrooms, dates and welcome drink I made. 😊  

Citrus Welcome Drink

For 5 people:
7 oranges
3 lemons
About 5g fresh ginger
Fresh Mint Leafs
750 ml sparkling water
1 tbsp coconut sugar
I used a juicer for the fruits, ginger and mint leafs.
Once juiced, I added sparkling water to it and coconut sugar.
Pour into glasses and serve with a mint leaf as decoration.🍃
Enjoy! 🍹
Smoked Ham Farrago (Sauce)

I used the base from Under Vårt Tak and then made some changes to it. 

200 ml homemade mayonnaise
(If you eat dairy, use only 100 ml mayo, then 100 ml cream Fraiche,
and 100 ml whipped cream)
200 g smoked ham (cut it into pieces in the size you feel is good)
100 ml finely chopped spring onion (the green part of it) finstrimlad vårlök 
Half a Granny Smith apple (cut in to pieces in the size you like
Salt and pepper
Smoked paprika powder after taste
Mix all together.
Egg Farrago (sauce)
200 ml homemade mayonnaise
(If you eat dairy, use only 100 ml mayo, then 100 ml cream Fraiche,
and 100 ml whipped cream)
2 boiled eggs (chopped)
0.5 red capsicum (finely chopped)
100 g feta cheese (finely chopped, omit if you do not eat dairy)
2 hand full of mixed salad (chop it a bit)
Lemon juice from half a lemon
Fresh Dill, salt and peppar after taste
Mix all and serve.❤️
Whole Roasted Bacon
700-1000 g whole bacon
Marinade for the bacon:
50 ml Olive oil
Salt and Pepper 
Paprika powder (mild)
Dried and ground ginger
2 tbsp Honey
(I don’t measure the spices, just throw in as much as I feel needed)
Turn oven on 175 degrees Celsius (347 F)
Cut in the fat and put bacon in the marinade. Make sure it goes in between the cuts you made.
Let sit for a couple of hours in the marinade, place in the fridge. 
Place the bacon in the oven for about 1-1.5 hrs


Garlic and basil Mushrooms

200 g mushrooms
1 garlic clove
About 20-50 ml finely chopped fresh basil
50 ml olive oil
Lemon juice
50 ml finely chopped sundried tomatoes
Salt and pepper
1 tsp lemon juice
Mix all ingredients for the marinade. Place the mushrooms in the marinade (small mushrooms are best, otherwise cut them a little)
Let stay in marinade for at least 20-30 min.
Fry in a pan until it has a little color.
For the dates… Just take pitted dates, then wrap thin bacon pieces around them. Place in oven (about 175 degrees) until bacon has some color. Done! And so delish 😋
This was the delicious smorgasbord, together with some chicken nuggets, pesto mayo, and vegetables. 😊💚


I also served my homemade chocolate as desert. Yummy!
Have a great day! 


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