Omelette Rolls

Eggs are so versatile!

Today I didn’t know what to have for lunch, so I just whipped something up. It ended up being a delicious omelette roll. 😋


2 eggs and spices of your choice

Whip the eggs a bit, then pour in to a warm pan and fry on medium heat. Flip over and fry a bit on the other side as well.

Filling ingredients:

1 pack of bacon

1 large mushroom
A little finely chopped red onion
2 sundried tomato pieces 
Lemon juice
1 tbsp pine nuts 
Fresh basil
Salt and pepper
Fry the bacon a bit first, then add the onion and mushrooms.
At the end, at the rest of the ingredients.
Put the filling at the middle of the omelette, and roll the omelette. Cut in half.
Serve with a nice guacamole and a salad 💚




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