30 Days Paleo – Week 2

Week one went really fast. I feel I did well, except not enough sleep on some of the days.

During the weekend I visited family and friends in Gothenburg. We had a bbq on Saturday and with that some salad and pestomayo, but also a sweet potato gratin. I had to try it (although didn’t HVAE to…I wanted to..hehe😜), and it was absolutely delicious! Unfortunately, it did contain dairy… But I ate it anyway. A little bit at least.  


   The day after I had the headache from HELL! It was no fun at all. I felt tired all day and just not in optimal health. I am not sure it was the dairy, but I know I will keep away from dairy from now on anyway.

I must say that this time, paleo30dagar has been a bit harder than last time. I feel unmotivated to stay away from sweets and savoury goods. I feel like eating pizza everyday and I am actually having a hard time finding the tie to sleep.
Sounds weird, I know… But I am currently working 100%, studying and trying to find a job (from May 30, I am without a job) at the same time as I am helping my parents find a new home. There is so much going on around me. I know that sleep and rest would help my stressful situation, but as I said…finding the time is a bit hard at the moment.

Anyway…I am pushing on and will manage this for the full 30 days and then some. I am not planning on eating lots of sugar, dairy and grains after these 30 days. This is for life as I’ve said before, and I know that I feel better when I eat this way.

Have a great week everyone!





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