30 Day Paleo – Snacks

Its not always easy to know what to eat between meals.
Both Paleo30dagar och whole30 wants you to eat regularly, 3 meals a day, plus som snacks if your exercising.

I’m generally a bit against this. Mostly because it’s taking me a long time to listen to my body’s signals and eat when I am hungry, until I am full.
However, I also understand the meaning behind it. Letting our body get the nutrients it needs and not be in starve mode. Especially if we’re in the beginning of our journey, or our bodies are in an imbalance.

I can tell you that I don’t have a snack every day. I might have it if I’ve worked out more that day, or are starting to crave sweet things. Cause if I have a bad craving, I know that my body is missing something. The trick is to figure out what…

So…what do I have as a snack, if I feel the need for more energy?

Nuts (natural) – about 50-100 ml (about a handfull-ish)
Avocado – 1 whole. I like to have cracked pepper on it and sometimes a really nice olive oil. It’s nice, fatty and filling
Cherry tomatoes – maybe 5-6
Banana – half or a whole one. They are shock full of energy, so half a banana is usually suffice
Ham – 3-5 slices. I have found a great ham at my local grocery store, with no additives (except salt) and no sugar
Boiled Eggs – 1 or 2
Egg Muffins – 1-2. These little buggers are so delicious, both hot or cold. Yummy!
Berries – 100-200 ml. Any kind will do

I’m enjoying day 10 of my 30 day Paleo. So far so good. Sun is shining, we’re having 15 degrees (celsius) and…yeah, spring is here!!



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