30 Days Paleo – Day 11

I am so tired today… Granted, I fell asleep late and up early for work, but I feel drained. Mentally, physically… Just drained.
And hungry! Mama Mia, I am hungry all day long, every day.

I know this is one of the ”side effects”, but I am tired of being tired… Could be a ”chronic exhaustion” as well since I’ve been stressing basically my whole life, and am known to not sleep that much…😴

Other than that, I woke up with no head ache for the first time since I started paleo30dagar. Victory!💃
Sun is shining and it’s really hot outside. or so they say… I’m stuck inside since I have to work.

After work today, we’ll have a nice mince sauce with eggs for dinner. It’s like a shashouka but with mince in it as well. Mmmmm…..😋😋

And I have a bone both simmering away int he kitchen, leaving a delicious smell in the whole apartment. All in all and ok day.💕 

    (This is how many days I have left until I’m unemployed….)  



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