30 Days Paleo – Day 14

This never happens to me…
I woke up around 7am, after falling asleep around midnight.
I heard the cat throwing up so I rushed out of bed to clean it up. Once out of bed, I started cleaning the whole house. I made a fresh batch of smokey bbq sauce, made paleo energy bars and prepared tonight’s dinner (pulled beef).

    I had time to watch an episode of ”good wife” and finish a rapport for the course I’m doing online.
And then work…

I mean… DAT energy!! wow, it’s amazing 😃

Now I’m tired though and have a headache, but I think it might be work having a negative effect on me at the moment.
We have all been let go, and I feel as though I am wasting time sitting here at work when I know that I am unemployed in a month’s time…. But anyway… Can’t do anything about that so I better just smile and be happy that I feel better in body and soul after 14 dys on 30 day paleo

Have a lovely day ya’ll!💕



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