Get More Energy

🎵”oh what a beautiful moooorning, oh whaaaaat a beautifuuul daaaay….”🎶

Woke up around 8am after about 8 hrs of sleep. I wanted to sleep some more but the cat kept making noises and wanted us to open the door to the balcony, so I got up.

I saw that the sun was shining so I decided to skip the gym and take a walk/bike ride in the nature. Best decision ever!!😍 

 I walked up the local ”mountain” called Billingen, with my bike. At the top I enjoyed the view for a bit and then on on a 10 k bike ride around the lake up at the top. I stopped now and then to enjoy the view, relax and breath in fresh air. 

   I love days off work when I get to go out in nature and revitalize. I need that sometimes. Living in an apartment doesn’t give enough of nature walking unfortunately.  

   Work again tomorrow, but at least I’ve had a day of just relaxing and enjoying myself. Well….the day isn’t over yet😜

I’m on day 16 of paleo30dagar and so far so good 😊 

 Hope you’re having a brilliant day! 



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