Sleep Troubles

Do you wake up before the alarm clock? Or is it the sound of the alarm which wakes you every morning?

Do you need coffee or other caffeine drinks in the morning to ”function”?
Do you have energy slumps in the afternoon and do you crave sweet or fatty food in afternoon/evening?
If you’ve answered yes to these questions, it could be that you’re not getting enough sleep. 


When I was in my teens, I could just sleep and sleep and sleep in the weekends, except if I had a concert or orchestra practice. I played the trumpet in maybe 4-5 different bands and was super busy with this from 4th grade until one year after High School. 
I’ve never prioritized sleep. It’s been one of those things one has to do.
I LOVE sleeping though…but since I’ve always had so much on my plate, it’s been one of the last things I thought of. To sleep.
It’s been more important to get that walk, watch that series or movie, hang with friends, talk on the phone, practice the trumpet…  


This has cause me to stress more, feel worse and gain more weight.
Except for my years in northern Norway when I exercised every day, had a physical job, felt relaxed, slept well….and lost weight despite eating grains, sugar and dairy.
Anyway…not getting enough sleep has a tremendous effect on us. 
If we don’t sleep enough and then exercise, it takes longer for our bodies to get back from that exercise than if you get enough sleep beforehand. 
However, if you exercise, you get better sleep from it.
Have a listen to The Paleo View podcast and their show about sleep and how it affects us. Very interesting! 😊
What are things you can do to get to sleep in the evening and also to sleep better?
Well, your diet is actually very important. Too much starchy, sugary food get your hormones out of whack. Combined with sitting in front of the TV, computer, smart phone or tablet, where you get the blue light in your eyes which makes your body think it’s daytime and it starts to create more cortisol…a hormone which is mostly elevated in the morning…to wake you up!! Nutrition and blue light combined might make you feel very tired but also wired. Hence, you can’t sleep.
Turning off your screens an hour or so before bedtime (you can also use specific software or apps on your devices to show a more orange light instead, or use glasses which makes the light around you more orange) will help your body understand that it’s nighttime and time to wind down.
I must say, this is harder living in the northern hemisphere. Especially if you live where you have midnight sun for a few months every year. 
Then try the specific glasses instead I’d say. That’s what I’ll try this year.
Check out this short video about the blue light from all your screens.
Also, get yourself an evening routine. Maybe turn off tv, computer, phone, tablet…drink a cup of herbal tea (caffein free), do some oilpulling after the tea and read a good book or have a nice chat with a friend or your partner. Then go to bed and just try to sleep. It will be hard at first, but you’ll get better and better at it. Find a routine which suits you and your lifestyle.
Good luck! 


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