Paleo + Dairy = ??

Most of you must know that paleo is not considered paleo. Yet, there are many discussion out there about dairy and why should it really be a non-paleo staple? 

It’s fatty, got protein and shouldn’t it be good for bone and teeth health? 
Why is dairy not paleo?
To understand why dairy isn’t paleo, one has to look at how dairy affects our bodies and brains.
What IS dairy? 
Dairy is what we all start our lives drinking. Breast milk. It’s nutritious, gives you energy and also contain growth hormone so that we grow strong and healthy. 
There you have it… It contains growth hormones. Why? So that infants can grow up to twice or three times their size in a short time. 
Dairy is perfect in the beginning of our lives. But what about later? Do we then need those growth hormones?  

Short answer; no.
Say that you ween off your mother’s milk, and then start getting dairy from a cow. Milk which tells the calves to grow, just like our mother’s milk told our body and brain to grow…. We get biological messages from another species. Messages telling our bodies to grow… Of course we need nutritious food and grow strong even after we stop getting breast milk, but we don’t need to triple our size in a few months, and we can get protein, fat and carbohydrates from other sources than dairy.  


Dairy can aggravate irritable bowel syndrome, get your skin to break out in acne, eczema or other skin conditions, but also asthma (linked to eczema), insulin resistance, constipation and type 1 diabetes.
I recommend you watching this video from Dr. Mark Hyman.
Also, get the book It Starts With Food, by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig, where they have a chapter on dairy and why it’s not included in their Whole30 program, a strict version of paleo. Also, listen to The Paleo View podcast, episode 11, where they talk about dairy.
Another great article is from the Paleohacks where they discuss dairy and paleo.
I also recommend you stop eating dairy for a minimum of 30 days. The re-introduce it and see how you feel. 
I know not everyone’s lactose intolerant or get any other conditions from dairy….But things happen in our bodies without us seeing it. Can you say that the excess growth hormones you’re consuming, won’t have an affect on your health in 10, 20, or 30 years from now? 


I need to stay as dairy free as possible. I do have it from time to time even though I know I feel better without. 
I tend to overeat if I have dairy with my food. I also start to crave sweet stuff after a meal containing dairy. 
If I eat to much of it, I get rashes/eczema, mainly in my face but also on my arms.
We’re all different, we react to certain foods different…but the food item itself still contain the same stuff whither you react to it or not…


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