Having Eaten Too Much of Everything…

I’m on vacation. Finally!! Been looking forward to this trip for quite some time. Just having time off from work (I no longer have a job and am actively searching for a new one) and do whatever I please with my time. Lovely!

At the moment I am enjoying the hustling and bustling of the streets of Amsterdam! 

I’ve been walking so much! At least if I compare to my waaay to sedentary lifestyle back home while I was still working in the phone support business as an ”at home agent”. My feet and hips felt sore yesterday, but it was also a good feeling. 😊

But…I’ve been eating more bread all together than in the past year!! Crazy… It’s been good, but I’ve also got to experience how much my tummy hates grains! I’ve had a constant swollen belly, lookings preggers, and pain in the intestines. I haven’t been able to go to the toilet for 2 days and when I finally went….not fun! And even though I promised myself last night that ”tomorrow I won’t eat any bread!” I ended up having a piece of sourdough bread for breakfast. 

These are choices I’ve made and I can’t change what I’ve done. It’s a lesson! To again prove to myself; you can’t eat grains!! Lesson learned! 😜

Today we’re gonna enjoy the Botanical Garden, visit a coffee shop and the Old Church. Just walk and enjoy life 😊🚶☁️☔️  


Taco Mince Filled Bell Peppers

We decided to try something new for dinner today.
Tacos is very popular on Fridays in Sweden, we all call it Taco Friday. But we wanted to make it a bit more…. luxurious.

Taco Mince filled Bell Peppers it is!!

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Baked Eggs

I tried something new today. It’s basically a soufflé and one can add any ingredients one likes.
I mixed the following:

  • 1 egg
  • 1 egg white (keep the yolk for later)
  • ham
  • spices
  • spring onion 

Put oven on 200 degrees C.

I greased the ramekin with coconut fat.

Then I mixed the above ingredients and poured it in to the ramekin. 

At the top I placed the leftover egg yolk. 

Placed the ramekin in an oven dish and poured in water so that it was 2/3 up the sides of the ramekin.

Then I placed the ramekin in the oven for about 20min, depending on how well done you want the yolk. With 20min, my yolk was firm.

I served with avocado which I hade lime juice, black pepper and paprika powder on.

If you eat dairy, you can grease the ramekin with butter, and add cream and a tasty cheese (like Parmesan) in the egg mix as well.



”I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts”´

One of the best snacks…ever! Coconut🌴

Before, I’ve bought the coconut flakes, the dried ones. Delicious and healthy snack.
However, the other day, my partner in crime and I decided to buy a ”fresh” coconut. Well not fresh…dried, sort of. You know the brown ones you can find in the stores?

Well, we bought one of those as we both had wonderful memories of these since childhood. In my family we had one coconut every Christmas. My parents bought one coconut and one pineapple to sit in our Christmas Fruit Basket (along with oranges, mandarines and apples) and it was heaven every year! I was so intrigued by these weird looking fruits.

So, my partner in crime made a couple of holes at the top of the coconut, to get to the coconut water. Yum! Once we had drained it from the water, he used the back of a knife to crack the nut open with a couple of hard knocks on the hard ”shell”. Then we scooped out the white delicious meat and cut it in pieces. 

    To help the meat stay fresh, we put it in a bowl of ice cold water. 

    We had nice, fresh coconut snacks for about 3 days in total. So yum! And a prefect snack to have in the house for those days when cravings get the best of you. 

 It’s the weekend, but I am working (my last work weekend for a while as I am finishing this job on the 27th of May), so I’ll wish you all a very great one! Get out there, get moving and enjoy the weather!

30 Days Paleo – How did it go?

30 days have passed and I’ve had time to think about what the 30 Days Paleo did to me, or how I managed it.

As you might know, I did a 30 Days Paleo in February, which went SO well. And then Easter popped up and I fell down the sugar pit. Heavily…. Since then I’ve had a hard time getting up… The 30 days Paleo I’ve just finished, was to get back on track. And it’s been hard. Super hard.

I did it… though I had a weekend of bad choices, and I’ve been sick and haven’t exercised nearly as much as I should’ve and wanted. But I made it through the 30 days.⭐️

I did not loose any weight. more did I loose centimeters round my waist (or butt, thighs and arms). But I know that this is for the long haul, so right now I am concentrating on actually being ”clean”. Clean from sugar mostly, as that’s my pitfall.🍭🍬

Of course, since I have around 50 kgs to loose (about 110 pounds), it’s frustrating that I don’t loose anything. I am actually gaining weight. I’ve gained a total of 6 kgs since January.
I’ve gained 15 kgs since July last year!!!
Anyway…. I shouldn’t concentrate on my weight. I should concentrate on my health, and the weight will come off eventually.🍏🍎🍊🍋🍅🍆🍠

All in all, I am always glad I make the 30 Days Paleo, or Whole30. I DO feel better.
And since it’s a lifestyle, I’ll just keep going, albeit not as strict many times. I might have a slice of paleo berry pie, or make a smoothie, or seed crackers and have a glass of wine.🍷

I’m in it for the long haul!👊☺️

Cashew Cream Cheese

I’ve been missing cheese. Mostly hard cheese, but cream cheese’ll have to do 😊

I found this recipe from nutrition stripped! It’s cream cheese made from soaked cashew nuts! I flavored it with sundried tomatoes.

This time around I made very large batch, a mistake I won’t make again 😜 I will have to eat a lot of cheese this week as the cheese only keeps in the fridge for about 7 days. I might give some away.

You can flavor it with anything you like! 

Also, I would use about 2/3 of the nutritional yeast which is in the recipe. I think the yeast gives too much flavor to the cheese as it is now. 



A Cold

So…I’m having my 3rd cold since New Years. It’s crazy…I’ve never been sick this much before. And everytime I also loose my voice, and income as I have to take days off work.

I drink lemonjuice and ginger drinks, I take honey, I rest and I sleep and I eat healthy foods. So I WILL fight off the bugs this time as well. 

 I believe my bad health this year comes from an accumulation of stress, not enough sleep and me falling down that sugar pit one too many times. My body is fighting itself… 

I have two weeks left of my current job. A job which has both been a blessing but also an anchor, dragging me to the bottom of the sea and keeping me there, fighting for air. I’m both sad and happy to be leaving this job. I believe my body and mind will thank me.

As soon as I have done my last shift, I’m packing for a trip to Amsterdam! Going there to go to a concert with ”Fleetwood Mac”! My partner in crime’s favorite band. It’s gonna be so much fun! I just can’t wait!😃 It’ll also be a chance for us to relax, see something new and take care of each other. 

Only a week after our trip to Amsterdam, we’re heading to my sister in the northwest of Norway! A place surrounded by fiords and mountains, fresh air, lovely fish, amazing family and friends….and a chance to charge my batteries. A place I love and with people I love more than anything 💕

But for now…rest, and more rest. And to finish the paleo30dagar… Not many days left now! 😊 

 Stay clean, stay healthy!

Tacos in a New Way

Decided to make tortillas today. Paleo tortillas. I used this recipe from Stupid Easy Paleo. Turned out great! Only 4 small tortillas from the recipe but that was good enough for us this time 😊

I fried up some mince, chucked in some spices to mimic taco spices (cumin, onion and garlic powder, paprika, salt and pepper), and about 100ml of tomato juice. Then I let that fry for a while to evaporate the liquid. 

For the salsa I used the following:

0.5 mango

1 avocado
1 spring onion
5 radishes
1/3 red capsicum
Juice from 0.5 lime
A bunch of fresh coriander and parsley
Salt and pepper
Cayenne pepper
0.5 tsp honey
Cut all in pieces in wanted sizes, and blend. Squeeze over the lime juice, add the spices and honey and blend. 


For the ranch sauce I used the following:
1 egg
250 ml olive oil (mild)
Juice from half a lime
1 tsp red wine vinegar
Onion powder
Garlic powder
Paprika powder (mild)
A bunch of fresh coriander
Put everything in an immersion blender container and mix away! 
Let the blender sit at the bottom of the container for a bit to let the mayonnaise form, the slowly move the immersion blender upwards and move around slowly to let the oil blend properly. 


You can also serve with salad and a tomato salsa if you want too.

Day 24 – feeling good

so…day 24 of 30 days paleo. Feeling good!! I really do😊

I know this is the best way for me to live. Just sad I can never keep it this way. But I’m definitely gonna just keep going. Why ruin it now😊

Yesterday, my partner in crime and I experimented in the kitchen… We cooked heart!!😱 

It was a pig heart, which we had marinated for 24 hrs, then sliced it up, quickly fried in the pan and then in to the oven until cooked through.

It tasted good! I mean…not the best thing I’ve had, but good. 😊 just a bit too chewy. We’ll find another way to cook it for next time. Hoping to find beef or elk heart next time. 

Have a lovely day! 💕 



First time I made pestomayo, my partner in crime wasn’t impressed… But now it’s his favorite! 😋😄

I make this creamy, never-fail, mayo, and I also make an ovenroasted garlic and basil pesto (or I purchase a organic, no sugar, no additives, basil pesto) and mix the both. 

For 100ml mayo, I use about 1 tsp pesto. 

I serve it with steak, crispy bacon, pizza, fish, tacos…. You name it!!

It’s absolutely delicious 😋