Cravings – Day 20

Yesterday evening, my partner in crime and I were standing in the kitchen, contemplating visiting the local grocery store, 30 min before it closed.
Why? Well, sugar of course! 🍬🍭

”Shall we go to the grocery store and buy something sweet?”
”I don’t know…shall we?”
”You decide”
”No, I don’t want to decide, you decide”
”Well, we shouldn’t eat sugar”

A few seconds later…

”Let’s go!!”

So we jumped on to our bikes and headed to the grocery store just before it closed.🚲🚲
My partner picked up chocolate and soda and all of a sudden I got so nauseous I just wanted to puke then and there…🍫
I didn’t pick up any goodies at all, I left the store empty handed.

Once at home, my partner sat there on the couch, devouring the chocolate and soda.
And I didn’t want any of it, more did I crave it anymore, even though my nausea was gone about 30 min later.

Sometimes…blessings come in disguise 💕

Have a great 1st of May everyone!🌿



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