A Cold

So…I’m having my 3rd cold since New Years. It’s crazy…I’ve never been sick this much before. And everytime I also loose my voice, and income as I have to take days off work.

I drink lemonjuice and ginger drinks, I take honey, I rest and I sleep and I eat healthy foods. So I WILL fight off the bugs this time as well. 

 I believe my bad health this year comes from an accumulation of stress, not enough sleep and me falling down that sugar pit one too many times. My body is fighting itself… 

I have two weeks left of my current job. A job which has both been a blessing but also an anchor, dragging me to the bottom of the sea and keeping me there, fighting for air. I’m both sad and happy to be leaving this job. I believe my body and mind will thank me.

As soon as I have done my last shift, I’m packing for a trip to Amsterdam! Going there to go to a concert with ”Fleetwood Mac”! My partner in crime’s favorite band. It’s gonna be so much fun! I just can’t wait!😃 It’ll also be a chance for us to relax, see something new and take care of each other. 

Only a week after our trip to Amsterdam, we’re heading to my sister in the northwest of Norway! A place surrounded by fiords and mountains, fresh air, lovely fish, amazing family and friends….and a chance to charge my batteries. A place I love and with people I love more than anything 💕

But for now…rest, and more rest. And to finish the paleo30dagar… Not many days left now! 😊 

 Stay clean, stay healthy!



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