30 Days Paleo – How did it go?

30 days have passed and I’ve had time to think about what the 30 Days Paleo did to me, or how I managed it.

As you might know, I did a 30 Days Paleo in February, which went SO well. And then Easter popped up and I fell down the sugar pit. Heavily…. Since then I’ve had a hard time getting up… The 30 days Paleo I’ve just finished, was to get back on track. And it’s been hard. Super hard.

I did it… though I had a weekend of bad choices, and I’ve been sick and haven’t exercised nearly as much as I should’ve and wanted. But I made it through the 30 days.⭐️

I did not loose any weight. more did I loose centimeters round my waist (or butt, thighs and arms). But I know that this is for the long haul, so right now I am concentrating on actually being ”clean”. Clean from sugar mostly, as that’s my pitfall.🍭🍬

Of course, since I have around 50 kgs to loose (about 110 pounds), it’s frustrating that I don’t loose anything. I am actually gaining weight. I’ve gained a total of 6 kgs since January.
I’ve gained 15 kgs since July last year!!!
Anyway…. I shouldn’t concentrate on my weight. I should concentrate on my health, and the weight will come off eventually.🍏🍎🍊🍋🍅🍆🍠

All in all, I am always glad I make the 30 Days Paleo, or Whole30. I DO feel better.
And since it’s a lifestyle, I’ll just keep going, albeit not as strict many times. I might have a slice of paleo berry pie, or make a smoothie, or seed crackers and have a glass of wine.🍷

I’m in it for the long haul!👊☺️



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