”I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts”´

One of the best snacks…ever! Coconut🌴

Before, I’ve bought the coconut flakes, the dried ones. Delicious and healthy snack.
However, the other day, my partner in crime and I decided to buy a ”fresh” coconut. Well not fresh…dried, sort of. You know the brown ones you can find in the stores?

Well, we bought one of those as we both had wonderful memories of these since childhood. In my family we had one coconut every Christmas. My parents bought one coconut and one pineapple to sit in our Christmas Fruit Basket (along with oranges, mandarines and apples) and it was heaven every year! I was so intrigued by these weird looking fruits.

So, my partner in crime made a couple of holes at the top of the coconut, to get to the coconut water. Yum! Once we had drained it from the water, he used the back of a knife to crack the nut open with a couple of hard knocks on the hard ”shell”. Then we scooped out the white delicious meat and cut it in pieces. 

    To help the meat stay fresh, we put it in a bowl of ice cold water. 

    We had nice, fresh coconut snacks for about 3 days in total. So yum! And a prefect snack to have in the house for those days when cravings get the best of you. 

 It’s the weekend, but I am working (my last work weekend for a while as I am finishing this job on the 27th of May), so I’ll wish you all a very great one! Get out there, get moving and enjoy the weather!



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