Baked Eggs

I tried something new today. It’s basically a soufflé and one can add any ingredients one likes.
I mixed the following:

  • 1 egg
  • 1 egg white (keep the yolk for later)
  • ham
  • spices
  • spring onion 

Put oven on 200 degrees C.

I greased the ramekin with coconut fat.

Then I mixed the above ingredients and poured it in to the ramekin. 

At the top I placed the leftover egg yolk. 

Placed the ramekin in an oven dish and poured in water so that it was 2/3 up the sides of the ramekin.

Then I placed the ramekin in the oven for about 20min, depending on how well done you want the yolk. With 20min, my yolk was firm.

I served with avocado which I hade lime juice, black pepper and paprika powder on.

If you eat dairy, you can grease the ramekin with butter, and add cream and a tasty cheese (like Parmesan) in the egg mix as well.





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