Having Eaten Too Much of Everything…

I’m on vacation. Finally!! Been looking forward to this trip for quite some time. Just having time off from work (I no longer have a job and am actively searching for a new one) and do whatever I please with my time. Lovely!

At the moment I am enjoying the hustling and bustling of the streets of Amsterdam! 

I’ve been walking so much! At least if I compare to my waaay to sedentary lifestyle back home while I was still working in the phone support business as an ”at home agent”. My feet and hips felt sore yesterday, but it was also a good feeling. 😊

But…I’ve been eating more bread all together than in the past year!! Crazy… It’s been good, but I’ve also got to experience how much my tummy hates grains! I’ve had a constant swollen belly, lookings preggers, and pain in the intestines. I haven’t been able to go to the toilet for 2 days and when I finally went….not fun! And even though I promised myself last night that ”tomorrow I won’t eat any bread!” I ended up having a piece of sourdough bread for breakfast. 

These are choices I’ve made and I can’t change what I’ve done. It’s a lesson! To again prove to myself; you can’t eat grains!! Lesson learned! 😜

Today we’re gonna enjoy the Botanical Garden, visit a coffee shop and the Old Church. Just walk and enjoy life 😊🚶☁️☔️  




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