Feeling Free

One thing I definitely appreciate, is just sitting on an outdoor café at Leidseplein in central Amsterdam, drinking a coffee and do some people watching. It’s lovely! It’s vacation for sure 😃

We’ve had 3 lovely days down here. Walking around, sometimes aimlessly, sometimes with a goal. Tasting cheese, buying tulip bulbs for my sister, eating good food (and totally wrong food for me😁) and enjoy not having to be at work, no cleaning, washing, cooking….

We’ve had breakfast at home, or brunch rather. And then dinner on the town. We do live in an apartment, but there’s no pan and very limited ways to cook. 

I realized today, that I’ve already let go of my job. For real! 

I used to be an At-Home-Agent as phone support for a ”fruit” company😜 🍏 A job which at the end…or last year, hasn’t given me much. Stress, phone queues and no physical work mates or an office to visit…it’s taken its toll on me, both mentally and physically. Sitting down for 9-12 hrs every day… 

Now I feel oddly free. Of course I need to find a job, but for now, here in this moment, at a café in Amsterdam….I’m free! 😊

And tonight we’ll go to a concert with Fleetwood Mac! The whole reason why we visited Amsterdam in the first place. I’m excited!! 😃🎶

Hope you’re all having a very great Monday!  









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