Grassfed Beef and Game

Not far from where I live is a farm, where they have cows, pigs, sheep, and hens. And all animals are fed natural food, food they were meant to eat, like for example grass.

This farmer also has lots of game, like elk, deer, venison and wild bore. One can buy some steaks, mince or other things right at the farm, as they have a small farm store. You can also order bigger packages of meat and pick it up. That’s what we did. 

Just to try it out, we chose to buy 10kg of game meat and share with my partner’s parents. We got a little of everything, and have tried a couple of things so far.

The other week we had a BBQ and decided to put some wild bore chops on the grill. Yummy!! 😋 It was absolutely delicious! 

Yesterday we took venison mince and made burgers from it. Less yum. Still ok, meat, but it had a very distinct smell which I couldn’t shake off during dinner and thought it tasted like it smelled…like cat food 😸

I also bought eggs from there the other week. Delicious! More taste and a different, healthier color of the yolk. Unfortunately I do not have a car, so I cannot but my weekly supply of eggs from them😔

I love that we’ve found this farm!💚 We will try the beef as well sometime. 😊 

The farm is called Lilla Spännefalla and is located outside Tibro in Sweden. I definitely recommend it if you live in Sweden or visit Sweden and want some high quality meat.😊 




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