Mouth Health – Update

So, back in March, I wrote about my Mouth Health Routine.
Oil Pulling, my own toothpaste and tongue scraping.

Unfortunately, I found the toothpaste too…sour…? Or bitter. I had too much baking soda in the mix, I think.
So… I decided to try a toothpaste which I bought in a ”health store”.

It’s from the brand ”Urtekram”, who also make scahmpoo, conditioner, shower cream, deodorants etc. I haven’t tried any other of their products. 

This toothpaste doesn’t have that much taste, just a suddle minty flavor. And it doesn’t foam, like your ordinary toothpaste, but my homemade own didn’t foam either. It definitely feels weird to brush your teeth with something that had next to no flavor and doesn’t foam, but it’s something you’ll get used too.

I’ve been very lazy with the oil pulling as well. I did so well in the beginning and then stress at work happened and after that, vacation…. So I’ve been totally off the oil pulling for a couple of months. 

The update isn’t what it was thought it be, so I’m gonna continue with the current regime (adding oil pulling again) and get back to you after this summer.😊




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