Childhood Reminiscing

I grew up in a little village called Kyrksten, here in Sweden.
I had forests and fields right outside the door. And I loved it! We played in the forests, we watched the tractors on the fields, and sometimes even the working horses! We cycled everywhere, we had a small village store only a few kilometres away (you know the ones where they measured the sugar and flour for you behind the desk – although this store later developed in to a store like all the others), and we got dirt under our fingernails, we picked flowers during spring and summer, made large snow houses during winter, got wet while running in the streams in the spring and loved to throw piles of red and yellow leafs over our heads during autumn.
It was a happy childhood, one I wish my children can experience in the future. 

My parents turn 70 this year and the house is really big and so is the garden. And so for the past 2 weeks, I’ve been with them and my siblings (and their families) to pack up everything, reminisce and move our parents to an apartment.
It’s been a very emotional couple of weeks.
We visited the forests, took a walk to the nearest hill and bbq’d some sausages and bacon, and picked berries and birch mushrooms. We’ve stayed up quite late after a whole day of cleaning, just to talk about the house, what we’ve experienced there and how much my dad worked in the house to make it in to a home we could all enjoy. The house is so big, that even when we were 11 people there, it still felt big! And the kids played with lego in a room, and us grown ups had a coffee in the kitchen and livingroom. 


 It’s been a couple of weeks of stress as well, which has made my tummy totally out of whack again. But that’s ok. I know now that stress does this to me, and hopefully it will come in order again during August….





  (My dad and I when I was about a year old)


 I am now back home in my little apartment.
My sister traveled back home to northern Sweden and my brother is in his home and back to work.
Since I am unemployed, I am gonna spend the week searching for work, and also pack up my apartment. Yep, that’s right… I am moving. Again.
I moved here in February, and at the end of August I am moving to Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden.

I love it here, but the move will be ok as well.😊

Now I am gonna take care of some stinging nettles though.
More about that in an upcoming blog post!


Here are some pics of my current apartment (they’re from the ”ad” online):




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