Grounding / Earthing

I decided to go for a nature walk today, after a visit to the guym and some great brunch. The sun was shining and I just needed some nature around me. The city can get the best of me sometimes… 

Where I live, we have a small mountain, or hill, called Billingen. It’s a rather steep road to the top, but only about 1.5 km long. Halfway up, I walked off the road and onto a pathway in the woods. I decided to take off my shoes, which are normal ones with way too much support. My feet hurt from these shoes… I walked on the soft pathway, barefoot. And loved it!

The ground was very soft and had a suspension one cannot feel with shoes on. The rocks were soft, the stream cold and refreshing, and the fallen trees and roots provided massage. Wonderful!

 One of the great things about walking barefoot, or just taking off your shoes for a short amount of time and walk around on the grass, is that you’re grounding yourself. Or earthing as it is also called.

Us humans have positive electrons in our bodies. Since we also use electric devices, wifi and have other electric waves around us, the positive electrons build up and this can cause an imbalance. When we have direct contact with the Earth, the negatively charged electrons of the Earth, interact with our own electrons, and it ”brings it to the same electrical potential as the earth” (read more here). It basically work the same as when we ground electrical outlets.
Since most of us walk around with shoes that have a thick rubber soles, and we walk mostly on asphalt, concrete or other ”unnatural surfaces”, we do not ground ourselves often enough. Some people never walk barefoot, and rarely spend time in nature.

 Back in the day, grounding, happened naturally. People walked barefoot more often, we had our hands in the soil…. But today, only a very few people (if you look at the whole population in the western world) do this. Very many of us have become distant to nature.

So why is it important that our positive electrons become in balance with Earth?
Here are some positive effects (from the blog Wellness Mama):

  • Lowers Stress
  • Improves Sleep
  • Increases Energy
  • Reduces Inflammation (this has to do with reducing the positive charge in our bodies)
  • Reliefs Muscle Tension and Headache
  • Can also help women with Menstrual and Female Hormone Symptoms
  • Normalizing biological rhythms including circadian rhythm
  • Help Support Adrenal Health

I don’t know about you, but the list above sure makes me want to enjoy nature and barefoot walking and outdoor sleeping a lot more!
It’s not just walking barefoot that help you with this. Just sitting on the ground, or sleeping on the ground, has this positive effect on you. As long as some part of you is in contact with Earth for a small amount of time. Ok, not a minute. But at least 5-10 min a day. More is preferable.

 Great books and websites on Earthing and Barefoot Walking:

In another blog post, I will be exploring the benefits of walking barefoot or using minimalistic shows, besides the grounding effect.
If you have any questions or anything you would like for me to write about in this topic, let me know in comments below.

Have a great day, and get grounded!



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