Shrimp Sandwich

Shrimp sandwiches are very popular here in Sweden, but as a grainfree girl, I don’t eat it as often anymore. I do eat shrimps though or make myself a bunless shrimp ”sandwich”.

Yesterday, I baked some grain-, dairy-, and sugar free buns. Delicious ones! Not my own recipe, it comes from Under Vårt Tak. I don’t change the ingredients, but I whip the egg whites until stiff. Mix the dry ingredients first and then in to the egg whites. Then I add the boiling water and use the hand mixer to get a nice ”dough”. Always turn out lovely! 😃 oh, and I add a little bread spices as well (like anis seeds for example).

And since I had one bun over today, I made shrimp sandwiches 😋

A perfect and delish lunch which gave me enough energy after leg day at the gym.

Have a great day!



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