Positive News

After being unsure about the outcome for a while, it’s now confirmed that I will do a course to become a Certified Nutritional Coach for low carb diets, lchf/paleo!! 😃

The course is held in Stockholm, Sweden, but there are also self studies. There are 2 weeks in Stockholm (one week in October and one week in November) and in between I’ll study from home.

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Growing Tomatoes

In April, I purchased some organic cherry tomatoes in different colors, I cut them in slices and then put them in some good soil. I wanted to grow my own tomatoes! 

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Meal Planning

”Failing to plan, is planning to fail”

How many of you do a meal plan for every week?

I do… most weeks at least.
So how do you make a meal plan?

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Mediterranean Inspired Fish Dish

This sunny Tuesday here in Gothenburg (just moved here and have been crazy busy, hence the silence on the blog) we will have fish for dinner.

It´s a tradition in Sweden to have fish on Tuesdays. Maybe in other parts of the world as well?

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Pulled Fallow Deer

Pulled beef is really delicious. And it’s even more delicious when it’s game! 😋

We made pulled fallow deer this week and I must say, the meat just melted in our mouths, like butter. It was absolutely delicious!

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