Pulled Fallow Deer

Pulled beef is really delicious. And it’s even more delicious when it’s game! 😋

We made pulled fallow deer this week and I must say, the meat just melted in our mouths, like butter. It was absolutely delicious!

I put some smokey BBQ sauce at the bottom of the pot, placed the meat on top and then more BBQ sauce. I used an onion and some garlic cloves and places around and on top of the game. About 200 ml of water was poured in to the pot. Then some fresh herbs on top of it all. I used basil, oregano and chives.

Placed it in the oven, 150 degrees C (302 F) for about 10-12 hours, basting the meat every hour or so.

With this we had basil and garlic mayonnaise and a salad. My partner had potato wedges as well.

Enjoy! ☺️



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