Meal Planning

”Failing to plan, is planning to fail”

How many of you do a meal plan for every week?

I do… most weeks at least.
So how do you make a meal plan?

Usually on Saturdays or Sundays, hubby and I sit down and decide ”what shall we eat this week?”
These are some things we do when making a meal plan:

  • Go through our freezer and look at what we’ve got and what we can make from it
  • We have a few staple dishes we eat every week at least once, like Paleo Pizza Sunday, and steak with a flavored mayonnaise and salad. Once we’ve put those on the meal plan, we only have 4-5 more meals to come up with
  • We go through cookbooks! Yup, we have a few paleo and lchf cookbooks from which we try to make at least one dish per week. What we also do is, Once we’ve made the dish, we write a review in the cookbook, with suggestions of changes for next time we make the dish. Super!😃
  • Look for sales. We go through the website for the store we’re gonna shop in, to see what they have which is cheaper this week. Sometimes it’s whole chicken, sometimes fish, sometimes porkloin and sometimes beef. And….when that specific protein is cheaper, we purchase a lot of it and freeze it. That way we have some for the coming weeks. We also look for good prices in staple foods like crushed tomatoes, coconut fat/cream, spices etc.

Once we have a meal plan, we make a grocery list. Some of the ingredients we already have at home, and most needs to be bought. I try to look at how much vegetables do I need for the whole week, and which of those vegetables will last the week out, and which do I purchase at the end of the week?
Also, if we’re gonna have fish for dinner on say Thursday, we don’t buy it on Sunday, we buy it on the day we’ll eat it. We usually do the same with say entrecote as well, unless it’s cheap that week and we decide to purchase a large amount and freeze it for future meals.

We usually know how much we need of everything. This has been a trial and error for about a year now. At the beginning we bought too much or not enough. We calculate about 150-200 g of protein/person and meal. Then my partner eat meals at work, which he prepare in the weekend. And since I am unemployed, I eat at home, and I usually eat whatever leftovers we have; a plate of different things like eggs, avocado, protein… or I fast until dinner. Everyday is different.

Once we have a plan, we write a shopping list, and then we go shopping.
We usually don’t purchase stuff that aren’t on the list. Which both saves us money, AND we stay on track with our food.

I’ve just moved apartment with my partner. Before we moved, we spent about 2 months apart, in different cites, because of work. This resulted in very bad planning for me, and that in turn resulted in spending more money on just crappy food….

Been down that famous sugar ”hole” for way too long, so now, after the move and all, we’re getting back on track!

So…do you plan to succeed, or plan to fail….?



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