Growing Tomatoes

In April, I purchased some organic cherry tomatoes in different colors, I cut them in slices and then put them in some good soil. I wanted to grow my own tomatoes! 

This is my first time growing anything except herbs. My parents grew salad, carrots, had apple trees, cherry trees and plum trees, but I have never embarked om the adventure of growing my own food (mostly cause I’ve lived in an apartment and/or haven’t been interested).

Well, I’ve found a new passion in growing my own food, and although I still live in an apartment, I thought that tomatoes would be fun to grow as I looooove tomatoes!

 The tomato plants started to grow pretty quickly! It was great to see. About a month and a half after planting them, I went overseas for a total of 1 month, and a friend gave them water regularly. I was surprised to see how much they had grown when I got back home!

 But it took another month before I saw some flowers and then a few weeks before I saw the beginning of some tomatoes growing.

We’ve had a cold and rainy summer in Sweden this year. Fortunately, we had a glassed in balcony, so the plants stayed warm and nice.
When I saw that the plants leafs started to go yellow, I realized that all energy went to growing the actual fruit, and to help the plants further, I purchased some organic ”food” for them, which I gave the plants about 2-3 times per week.

A month ago, we moved apartments. I was afraid that the plants would get damaged, but they didn’t. But now they stay on our balcony which is NOT glassed, which means it’s colder for them and more windy. Still a lot of rain as well, so they don’t get much sun. I’ll keep them outside for a bit longer as we’re renovating at the moment and they’d only be in our way (and they’re so big, they wouldn’t fit in the kitchen near the southern window.

It wasn’t until a week ago, that’s mid September, that I finally got to taste one deliciously sweet and at the same time tangy little cherry tomato. Yum! I’ve had a total of 4 tomatoes be ripe enough for eating now. Can’t wait for the rest!


 I hope to get lots and lots of tomatoes before it gets too cold, and be able to make my own sundried tomatoes etc. We’ll see. Otherwise I’ll try again next year.



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