A New Start

I’ve had issues with my stomach since I was a kid.
I thought everything was normal, but during the last 2-3 years, I’ve realized that my stomach problems are not normal.

I booked an appointment with my teacher, Jonas Bergqvist, to get help to heal my gut. It was an enlightening talk.

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Licensed Nutritional Advisor in the Making

Well, the second and last week has come to an end. From now I have to study hard and before christmas do a test. If I make it, I’ll be a Licensed Nutritional Advisor before Christmas and can start to take on clients. =o)


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Saffran- och pepparkakspannacotta / Saffron and Gingerbread Pannacotta

Då var det advent igen! ❤️
Väldigt ofta innehåller advents- och julfika både socker, spannmål och mejerier, men jag ville ha nåt jag kunde äta denna advent. Därför blev det saffrans- och pepparkakspannacotta!

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In Touch with Nature

What’s happening around us today…? All this violence in the world. Scaring people in to submission. It’s a crazy crazy world.

Someone said: ”Humans are not well at the moment, we’ve lost touch with everything that makes us human, no wonder there’s so much violence in the world.”

I cannot remember where I’ve read it unfortunately, but it was a great article which made me reflect a lot over our current situation in the world.

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Every now and then I miss bread. Especially freshly baked bread that spreads its scent in the house on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

So this morning I made up a new recipe for scones! Turned out pretty well 😊

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Eating Out

Do you stay home most of the time because it’s just too much of a hazzle to eat out?
Do you feel embarrassed asking for this instead of that, or almost changing a whole meal on the menu to suit your needs?
Or do you just feel like not being a ”pain in the ass” to the people you’re eating out with?

Well, you shouldn’t.
Eating out doesn’t have to be so hard after all.

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Whole Roasted Pork Belly (Bacon)

It’s not that crispy, it’s not thin slices, but it’s very tasty and goes well with eggs or as a dish on a smorgasbord. I’m talking about whole roasted pork belly (or bacon😊).

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Bone Broth Celebration

We are experts to celebrate sweet stuff…The day of the cinnamon bun, the waffle day and so on.

Now there’s a new initiative, to celebrate bone broth!
It’s Under Vårt Tak and Hälsa som Livsstil that have founded this day.

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Ugnsgrillad fläskfilé / Oven Grilled Pork Tenderloin

Ibland vill man bara ha en riktigt snabb, men god middag. Då passar fläskfilé riktigt bra.
Man kan antingen göra den enkelt utan bacon och fyllning, eller lyxa till det med fyllning.

(Recipe in english below)

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Saffranspannkakor / Saffron Pancakes

Julen ligger runt hörnet och vad är mer juligt än saffran!

Jag gjorde lite saffranspannkakor som var ljuvligt goda.

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