Eating Out

Do you stay home most of the time because it’s just too much of a hazzle to eat out?
Do you feel embarrassed asking for this instead of that, or almost changing a whole meal on the menu to suit your needs?
Or do you just feel like not being a ”pain in the ass” to the people you’re eating out with?

Well, you shouldn’t.
Eating out doesn’t have to be so hard after all.

So what do you do?

Here are a few tips:

  1. Do Your Homework – check out the restaurants menu in advance and see what you can eat. You can also call the restaurant in advance and see what they can do to help you. Many restaurants are very helpful.
  2. Don’t Blame it on Allergies – I read about this in an article, about blaming your food choices on allergies. If you don’t have the, don’t say so. No one has the right to know WHY you want to change the meal och ask for certain things. But if they do ask and you feel like answering…don’t lie. =o)
  3. You’re a Paying Customer – the restaurant usually want you to walk away happy. A happy customer is a returning customer, and usually bring in more people. So don’t be embarrassed or feel like ”it’s ok, I’ll have dairy today and deal with a bad stomache”. No, you take charge over your own body and what you put in to it. If they can’t accommodate you, you could always walk away. Harder if you’re out with other people, but then go back to point nr 1. Call the restaurant in advance.
  4. There are more tips for you in this article from Huffington Post.

So get out there! Go to restaurants. Nothing can stop ya’. ;o)




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