In Touch with Nature

What’s happening around us today…? All this violence in the world. Scaring people in to submission. It’s a crazy crazy world.

Someone said: ”Humans are not well at the moment, we’ve lost touch with everything that makes us human, no wonder there’s so much violence in the world.”

I cannot remember where I’ve read it unfortunately, but it was a great article which made me reflect a lot over our current situation in the world.

Most people walk in their shoes with thick rubber soles on cement, hard floors and pavements.
Most people stress a lot and don’t sleep enough.
Most people have a screen in front of them all day long, whither it be a mobile, iPad, computer or TV.
Most people haven’t seen animals in their natural habitant or visited the countryside for a while to breath, relax and be one with nature.

Very few walk barefoot on the grass (earthing), and very few take their time to just sit in nature, taking it in, enjoying it and see the wonders in our world.

We get sick from the food we eat and the air we breath. We get sick from economic stress and the differences between classes in our society is growing. Jealousy and misunderstandings (or not being willing to understand our neighbors).

I really hope we can find our way back to nature. Back to what makes us, us!
Back to being humans.

I wish you all a very great day and sending you lots of love.
Take care of yourself!💕



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