A New Start

I’ve had issues with my stomach since I was a kid.
I thought everything was normal, but during the last 2-3 years, I’ve realized that my stomach problems are not normal.

I booked an appointment with my teacher, Jonas Bergqvist, to get help to heal my gut. It was an enlightening talk.

I took some tests to see what my mineral and vitamin levels are, my bloodsugar and my Omega6/Omega3 ratio. Turns out I have very little Omega 3 in comparison to Omega 6, and other levels which are not optimal. Jonas is helping me to find healthy routines which can heal my gut.

The routines are different for everyone. It all depends on how YOU feel, what diseases YOU have, what you want out of your low carb diet and fitness. So what I present to you now is not for everyone. This is specifically for my body and wellness. If you want to know what YOU can do to feel better, you can either book an appointment with Jonas, or many other nutritional advisors (if you have diabetes, I recommend you to get in contact with my friend Katarina at Ät dig friskare – med riktig mat, in Sweden). And from January or February, I’ll be able to help you, in Swedish or in English.

So, this is my new routine:

  • a glas of water with sea salt or himalayan salt and a few drops of lemon juice
  • a healthy smoothie in the morning (coconut milk, an egg, glutamine, mct oil, colostrum, green powder with spirulina, nettle powder etc, raspberries and blueberries for taste)
  • perhaps a couple of cups of coffee about 2 hours after the smoothie
  • lunch
  • a glass of bone broth
  • dinner

Besides this, I am taking a substantial amount of Omega 3 oil (from arcticmed), magnesium, vit D, vit B complex and zink.
This is my routine for one month, til the end of December, and then we’ll see how I feel.

This is exciting!

Time to heal some gut =o)




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