Bärigt geltingodis / Berry Jelly Sweets

Vi hade lite vänner över för en kväll med brädspel igår.

När man träffas så där vill man ofta äta snacks och det blir gärna chips, godis, pizza och annat gott. Men den här gången ville jag undvika det så vi var förberedda med annat gott! Läs mer


A Rough Week

So…its been a cruel weekend. Cravings from hell, and some cheese 😕 But I won’t let that hinder me 😊

Made a hearty beef stew today! Dinners for this week when we get home late from work and gym. And also some lunches.

It’s best to be prepared, or some less good stuff will sneak their way in.

Have a great week!😊

Fig Roll as a Snack

I was craving chocolate like crazy after dinner yesterday, but hubby and I had a cup of tea and a Paleo bar and shortly after that it was time to go to bed 😊

I felt really nauseous this morning. Had my fish oil, my glas of water with lemon juice, my vitamins and my smoothie.

Now I’m on a break at work, having a coffee. And lucky me, someone brought a fig roll to work, instead of the usual cakes, buns and cookies!! Star to that person😜🌟

Back to work!

Lunch at Work

I got a new job which I started on the 28th of December. After hearing from lots of people that bringing Paleo lunch to work can be really hard and people keep commenting their food, I felt a bit nervous about my own lunches. 

But I find it very easy to bring lunch to work! Anything from eggs, avocado and some more protein, to leftovers. Easy! And no one has made a single comment 😊

Today, day 1 on 30 days Paleo, I have pulled beef, guacamole, aioli and salad for lunch. Leftovers from last week 😊