I’ve had a visiting boom on the site today! 

I’d like to inform everyone that I am currently working on changing the site a bit and so I haven’t updated it in a while.

I write in English here and on Instagram. This is because I like to work internationally. If you are Swedish and you have questions about what I am writing or you need some things explained, don’t hesitate to contact me. 😊

I will continue to post some recipes, but this isn’t going to be my main focus in the future. I am engrossing myself in to learning more about female hormones, fertility, nutrition pre-pregnancy, during and after pregnancy, as well as how to keep our children healthy from the very start.

Of course I am also very interested in overall health among our population, and in the future there will also be personal training tips here on the website, as well as opportunities to hire a Personal Trainer.

So please visit me again! I’m very happy to see you here. 💕

Have a lovely day!




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