Gathering Energy

When I feel like my life is happening too fast, like a roller coaster, leaving me stressed and worn-out, I need to visit the woods. 

I grew up with the woods as my neighbor as a kid. I always played there, summer come winter. Today I live in an apartment in the city, but I do have some woods not too far away. It’s heaven for my soul.

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What is Paleo?

Sometimes it’s difficult to know what Paleo is when you hear conflicting things from different places. Some eat potatoes, some don’t, some eat rice, some don’t, some eat legumes, some don’t…. 

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Fotriktiga skor

Jag hittade ett inlägg på min privata facebook sida från 2010 där jag hade länkat till en bild av Vivobarefoots sida om FiveFingers. Jag hade skrivit nåt i stil som ”vad i hela världen är det här? Det ser så löjligt ut!”
Meningen av vad jag skrev var i alla fall: WTF!

6 år snare äger jag själv ett par fivefingers, ett par Vivobarefoot, ett par Luna sandaler och ett par Joe Nimble. Min sambo har 3 FiveFingers, två par Vivobarefoots och ett par Lem´s Mens Boulders Shoes. Vilken helomvändning!



Dessa FiveFingers är mycket sköna och rekommenderas.

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How Do You Keep Motivated?

It’s the primitive part of our brain responsible for emotion, addiction, mood etc.You start living a healthier lifestyle. You are motivated, you feel more energetic and you tell everyone about this amazing way of eating and living.

Time goes and the weight you thought you’d lose won’t budge. You keep having a frequently upset tummy and your energy levels aren’t optimal. A lot of people you know who have started this healthier lifestyle keep losing weight and look amazing.
So why aren’t you?

You feel like it doesn’t matter what you do and start to introduce less than ideal products to your diet again, which is disrupting your sleep and energy levels and you visit the gym less frequently, perhaps you stop going altogheter

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Getting Back from Almost Crashing

A year and a half ago I was really close to crashing completely.
I had been at a job for a year which made me more and more stressed and my whole situation was really bad. I had temper tantrums like a teenager and I often felt very low, nearly depressed. But I did get back from it, even if I’m not 100% well yet, I’m getting there. Läs mer