What is Paleo?

Sometimes it’s difficult to know what Paleo is when you hear conflicting things from different places. Some eat potatoes, some don’t, some eat rice, some don’t, some eat legumes, some don’t…. 

I’ve heard things like ”you’re not eating Paleo”, or ”you’re not strict Paleo”. My answer is: I eat Paleo 80/20 or 90/10. In periods I eat it very strictly. It all depends on how I feel, what cravings I have, if I travel a lot or other things that affect me.

There’s definitely a guideline to Paleo! And the basics are:

  • No grains
  • No dairy
  • No legumes
  • No sugar

So you eat meat, fish, shellfish, eggs, vegetables, nuts, seeds, berries and fruit. In a nutshell.

So what is it that people react to? Well, the thing is that people have different views on Paleo. If you eat Paleo, you eat clean food, no substitutes. But others think you eat clean food and substitutes every now and then. Some have butter with the Paleo, and others eat potatoes. Potatoes are Paleo now by the way… More on that in this blog post (skriv om potatis).

Me myself, I eat Paleo. Like in the traditional sense, and I also eat potatoes now and then. I’ve had more potatoes now in the summer as I love new potatoes. Otherwise I eat sweet potatoes. I also have substitutes now and then. Paleo bread, cakes, cookies… Not every day! Not even every week, but now and then. I also eat cheese every now and then on my Paleo pizza. Not every time, but sometimes. I love cheese and it’s one of the things I miss the most with Paleo.

So, my Paleo diet is pretty much 80/20. 80% of the time I eat Paleo and 20% of the time I have some cheese or something like that. And I still consider my diet Paleo!

Everyone’s different… Everyone reacts different to different kinds of food.
I can have cheese every once in a while without my stomache crashing, others can’t. After making a chart (read more on that here) I can more easily map what different kinds of foods do to me, both when it comes to weight and toilet visits.

Some eat grains and others eat legumes. Most important here is to prepare the grains and legumes correctly. Let them soak properly in water and fermentation is also good to minimize phytic acid and lectin.
Most people cannot handle grains, nore legumes, whither they’re soaked or fermented.

Let’s just stop shaming each other and tell each other if we eat Paleo or not. Some eat it 100% of the time, some don’t. And everyone has to find their own way, a way that works and is sustainable for life.



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