Gathering Energy

When I feel like my life is happening too fast, like a roller coaster, leaving me stressed and worn-out, I need to visit the woods. 

I grew up with the woods as my neighbor as a kid. I always played there, summer come winter. Today I live in an apartment in the city, but I do have some woods not too far away. It’s heaven for my soul.

This past week, my man and I went camping with my brother and his two sons. It was wonderful! We went to a woodland lake not far away from where my brother and I grew up. Called Trättjärn.

Putting up our tents, gathering fire wood, picking wild blueberries (also called bilberries), going on an expedition of discovery in the woods, watching the leeches in the lake… It all felt amazing, it was fun and gave us lots of energy.

We cooked some potatoes and grassfed beef on the fireplace, among other things. We talked and laughed by the fireplace until long after the sun had set. We also sat quiet, listening to the crackling of the fireplace and the few birds trying out their voices after dark. It was just magical!

Even though I was very tired after our little camping trip, I also felt calm and full of new energy. I need more of this. More of the nature. So my vow to myself is to go on more nature walks from now.

Nature is energy giving! Also read more on earthing here.

Wishing you all a lovely day!




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