25 % OFF all Coaching Sessions

Today we enter the last month of Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere and a lot of people go back to work tomorrow.
If you’re anything like me, you’ve eaten way too much food during your vacation. Haha!
But no worries, just get back in to it and you’ll loose those extra kg’s in a whiff.1469957912098-1 To help you get back on track, start from the beginning, go strictly paleo for 30 days, or get a cooking class, just head in to this page.
During all of August, I give you 25% off all coaching sessions. That’s a really good deal!

If there’s any interest, we can also make it a group session, or several people doing a Healthy Clean Lifestyle 30 Days together, starting next Monday (so that people have enough time to sign up).

I wish you all a great day!




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